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I lost on Jeopardy! But I found a new love.

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Are you ready for your Happiest Adventure? I’m Emily, and I’m a wizard 😉 at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World vacations.

A little background about me: my theme park obsession began when I pieced together our first family trip to Disney World and Universal back in 2014, thinking this would be our “one time” to go. Ha!

I’d been on a game show (okay, I'd lost on a game show) and won a little money as a second-place consolation prize--not enough to change our family’s lives, but enough to do something fun. I decided we’d go to Orlando, and I began obsessively researching. Because I naively thought this was a one-time thing, I crammed in as much as possible: we did one day at Universal (both parks), one day at Magic Kingdom, one day at Hollywood Studios, and one evening at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We switched hotels too many times to count, AND we tacked on two days at Daytona Beach afterward.

In part, that trip was a lesson in how NOT to travel--way too much exhausting hotel-hopping, not enough time on property, missed opportunities at Epcot and Animal Kingdom--but it taught me so much about research and planning, and it gave me a taste of the magic of Disney and Universal, and of how much my children loved that magic. I was HOOKED.

We’ve since returned MANY times to Orlando--as a family of four, with grandparents, with our extended family of sixteen (!), and sometimes (shhh!) I sneak down for a weekend with my girlfriends and no kids. And in that time, I’ve helped LOTS of friends with their Disney and Universal vacation planning. I joked with my husband that it takes so long to learn the ins and outs of all the parks (seriously, I feel like I’ve had graduate-level courses in trip planning) that someone may as well benefit from my knowledge.

And now I can be even more help as a Disney and Universal travel agent with Happiest Adventures on Earth! As much as I had learned before planning trips for myself and my friends, my agent training has given me even more insight to planning the perfect vacation. I can stay on top of news coming out of the parks, changing hours and events, and health and safety updates, so you don't have to! I'll help you make the best use of Disney's virtual boarding groups or dining reservations, or Universal Express Pass.

My passion is planning a trip tailored to my clients' individual interests, whether that's pirates or princesses, wookies or (my personal favorite) wizards, so you can spend your time and energy having fun!

Email me today, and let’s make some magic!

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