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First things first...

We realize vacation planning can be overwhelming. We are eager to help you plan your next happy adventure! These steps will help you get started. 


1. Dates and Location. The first step in planning any vacation should be choosing when and where you'd like to travel. If you have a flexible travel timeline then we can help you narrow it down by informing of you seasonal events that take place at each destination. 


2. Budget. Once the decision is made about when you wish to travel, you'll need to decide on budget so that we can suggest options for resorts, tickets, dining, and other experiences based on what you are comfortable spending.  


3. Priorities. Finally, decide what things are on your group's must-see and must-do lists. Families with small children will travel with different expectations than those of a group of adults on an adults only trip. Having a general idea of if you are a group of thrill seekers wanting to try rides with high speed and big drops, or if you are foodies looking to excite your tastebuds, or if you are dreaming of meeting some of your favorite characters will help us plan a trip that your group will enjoy the most. 


The amazing thing about each destination is that there are truly magical experiences for everyone, no matter how different each person's idea of a dream vacation is! Email us or fill out our trip planning form  today to get started planning your Happiest Adventure. 

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